Vehicle Registration

Additional Information

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Saturday, August 15th. 2020

US131 Motorsports Park, Martin Michigan   *map*  


Electric Vehicle Drag Racing and Display. 

Chicago Shootout Format - see info below

Grudge Racing as time will allow.

Friday night camping available at the track for race teams.  see more below

Racewear Available - T-Shirts

Chicago Style Shootout

Download the Chicago Shootout Rules and Format Here  - CHICAGO SHOOTOUT -

   Facebook EV Nationals page.  Click Here.

Racewear funds all go to support racer travel expenses

All the monies collected will go to the Racer Travel Expense Fund.  This fund will be divided based upon mileage for all racers who need the help.  Send me an email after you register indicating the mileage you will travel one way.

Please support the racers who need this help.  Long travel distances and the associated expense can prevent racers from making the trip.  Help get the vehicles to the track!

I will be updating this site frequently in the next couple of weeks.  Please send comments and questions to me here.