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Saturday, August 15th. 2020

US131 Motorsports Park, Martin Michigan   *map*  


Electric Vehicle Drag Racing and display. Come check out the worlds fastest and quickest electric vehicles.

Chicago Shootout Format - see info below

Grudge Racing as time will allow.

Friday night camping available at the track for race teams.

Racewear Available - T-Shirts

Registration for racers in menu link above.

If you are a NEDRA member and will be in attendance without a vehicle, please register and indicate No Vehicle in vehicle name field.

Who you are likely to see

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Swamp Rat 38
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Extinction Level Event
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Current Technology

Chicago Style Shootout


The First Worst ruling applies in all cases with red lights, break-outs and centerline or sideline infringements.

 All racers will compete in two rounds.  Racers with two round wins move into finals ladder.

 The Race Director will make a decision (based on the number of racers with two round wins) who will enter the finals.


Racers will be seeded into the field based on their quickest run in the one or two (optional) qualifying runs.


Run Order:

The field will be organized in a ladder.   Quickest seed at the top. The winner of the round will move up, the loser will move down.      

The Race Director will make adjustments to the tree so no two vehicles race each other twice.

Lane Choice will be given to the quickest (lowest) Dial-in in each pairing. 

Round loser moves down the list one pairing for the second round (e.g. first pairings 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, 5 vs 6, etc.)

Dial-in must be changed with the Race Director before the cars are called to the lanes.

Odd number of vehicles will require a bye run for the last seed.  This vehicle will race against the loser of the last pair in round two. 

   Facebook EV Nationals page.  Click the code or use your cell phone.

Registered Racers

First Name Last Name Vehicle Name Description Class

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Vehicle Inspection Form - required for World Record Attempts/Submissions


Racewear funds all go to support racer travel expenses

All the monies collected will go to the Racer Travel Expense Fund.  This fund will be divided based upon mileage for all racers who need the help.  Send me an email after you register indicating the mileage you will travel one way.

Please support the racers who need this help.  Long travel distances and the associated expense can prevent racers from making the trip.  Help get the vehicles to the track!

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